Stinger Pro Engines use high quality spare parts .

Precision casting and ceramic coating cylinder
Different from the regular market material ,Stinger Pro Engines use the special aviation material for the casting spare parts such as the cylinder head and also piston. They’re very wear-resistant and resistant to high temperatures and are very suitable for UAV use .

High Quality Iridium Spark Plug
High quality iridium raise the use life of iridium spark plugs . Excellent ignition ensures efficiently burned gasoline and also provides both economic and environmental benefits.

SKF Bearing
SKF bearing has been manufactured to accommodate higher loads and reduce friction, heat, and wear. They’re designed to meet the requirements of products running at high accuracy and speed.

Walbro carburetor
Walbro is a longstanding global market leader in engine management and fuel systems. They supplier world-class high quality carburetors .