About us

Hello Stinger Engines Friends and Family.
This is your Stinger Engines design and marketing team. As some of you may be aware that we will be celebrating its 17th birthday this year.
Over the past 17 years we have offered more hobby engine sizes than any of our competition to better supply our customers with that perfect engine size.
In order to offer better quality and newer design engines to our hobby friends , we gave up old outdated mold and make new design higher quality molds in 2019.   
These New Designed Stinger engines will put us back on top with fresh innovations to bring our engine family a much higher quality, more powerful line up!
We have been moved away from RCGF brand into Stinger Engines for 5 years. A lot of hobby friends have owned their own Stinger Engines and they’re surprised for the high quality Stinger Engines and really love them . 
In the coming new year , our team will bring more and more high quality big engines for our hobby friends .  Let’s feel the powerful new Stinger Engines together !

Thank you,


Stinger Pro engines aren’t just an average two stroke. Its elaborate design makes itself a fitting engine for 3D flights and also UAV use. They not only aim to consume less fuel but to increase their enduringness & use life . 

Stinger engines are produced by high-precision machines to achieve longer use life and extremly good quality . We use precision testing instruments such as CMM (Coordinates measuring machine) ,to inspect engine parts to make sure they meet our requirements ,